Schmidt's Music Rolls

700 Port St, Unit 540
Easton, MD 21601

The punching aspects of the business has been sold.
The new location is
I still have a large stock of rolls which I will be selling.
I will try to keep the web site up to date on available rolls.
I have moved to:
700 Port Street #540
Easton, MD 21601
My new phone number is:
I am offering all in-stock rolls  at 50% of the listed price.
If I can make spools and boxes , they will be at list price


Over one hundred years ago, people didn't have radio, TV, CD players, or phonographs. For enjoyment of music they would listen to organettes. These mechanical music boxes used a hand crank to turn a paper roll that played the music. Today these machines are antiques and owned by collectors.

So sit back and enjoy the music from the late 1800s and read about the history of these amazing mechanical computers.

Crank Organ Ring